procrastination is the  grave yard of success

The heights that great men reached and kept was not attained in a sudden flight,but while their   counterparts  sleptthey were toiling upward in the mid nights.

A man in a state of exhilaration knows nothing about frustration. The state of your mind  situation will determine the state of your intention,expression and reaction. 

When a man is creative, the world tends to depend on him, but when he is uncreative he tends to depend on the world.

There are three types of men. Those who make the news, those who report the  and those who listen  the new. Be a maker of the news and not a listener nor rporter of the news.

The key to success is much meditation abd less talking plus much studying and less playing.

There is no room for improvement in the day of death.

A man that is not composed will be easy disposed.

Jealousy begins with the thought of more of others and less of yourself.

Any Educated man who does not allow peace to reighn is a clever devil.

Education makes life easy.

Success in life 1 percent inspiration and 99percent  inspiration.

A man who pays less attention to studying and reasioning is a man that can be cajoled easily.







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