Private and public employers of labour had voiced their dissatisfaction with the low quality of graduates produced by our higher institutions. This sad situation is “the failure of the Nigeria educational system. Our graduates are not worth their certificates, surely the system that produced them (graduates) must be first  held responsible.


However, some years ago, the world bank from far away Washington perceived and alerted us (Nigerians) about this dangerous trend. This is to be expected in a situation whereby school buildings are dilapidated, libraries and laboratories are empty, where by hundreds of students are allocated to one teacher or lecturer. Teachers and administrators are demoralized, distracted or down right depraved, academic curricula are out of use with the demands of our contemporary  society.


The great purpose of education “said Herbert Spencer is not only knowledge but action, but our tertiary institutions are not equipped to impart in their wards the utilitarian knowledge, skill and “proper values for the survival of the individual and the society in general, as put by section 8 (59) of the national policy on education. Why are our graduates of low quality? The reason is that they are products of a low quality educational system. The root of the failure of the Nigerian educational system therefore lies in the failure of Nigerian leadership. The meager allocation to the education sector by the federal government violates the spirit of chapter 2 section 18 of our constitution.


It is an undisputable fact that the foundation of any Nation for its development is the education of its youths, if our children cannot complete favourable in global market place even lead in some fields of human endeavour, then of course our country is domed to remain mere suppliers of raw materials and consumers of processed goods. Our government must bear the primary responsibility to raise the standard of Nigerian education and assure the quality of its products.


There is an urgent need for the Nigerian government, all stake holders in education and non-governmental organizations to resuscitate the sorry state of our of Educational system. There are thousands of educated illiterates(Graduates) in our Nation Nigerian, because there is an aphorism which says that what you don’t have, you can’t give it out, because the meat that have fats must prove it by the heat of the fire.


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